TanRevel Spray Tan Kit (Self-tanning)

This post is in collaboration with TanRevel

I have found my lifesaver! For someone who never wears make up to work, the cold and dark winter months definitely take a toll on your face’s glow. I always feel prettiest when I have a natural tan, so in the summer I am loving life haha! But when winter comes and the tan fades, my face just feels a bit ’meh’. As I am no millionaire, and therefore cannot travel to a hot country everytime I want a tan, nor agree with tanning in solariums as this is bad for the skin and eyes, I have long thought about using spraytan. But whenever I have seen people use it, it looks patchy and smells terrible, so I have chosen not to.

TanRevel has changed my mind! With a device that sprays your face evenly, with tanning liquid that does not smell, I think I have finally found a great solution for me! Because at the end of the day, who does not want a nice tan to get through this weather?!

In the pictures above I am not wearing any make up, I only have one ’layer’ of TanRevel. I think I look pretty fresh! And do you know what? All my beautiful followers and readers get an exclusive 20% discount by using the code bueno20. So head over to TanRevel’s website and get your tanning set today 🙂