When I applied to University College London, I was sceptical. I had never imagined myself the kind of person to go to one of the best universities in the world (number 5 in the world in 2015, to be exact, and number 3 in the UK in 2017 after Oxford and Cambridge). My grades from University of Westminster were just enough to meet the entry requirements and my personal statement was as cringeworthy as a drunk uncle at Christmas dinner. But I got in. I remember receiving acceptance letters from not only UCL, which was my first choice, but from King’s College and Queen Mary too – Queen Mary who had rejected me for an undergraduate degree 3 years earlier.

My degree at UCL provided me with more knowledge than I could have imagined. Most notably, it gave me a language which I felt I had previously lacked. Being a feminist advocate for women’s and human rights from Sweden, it can sometimes be difficult to get your point across when your human rights and feminist vocabulary is limited. Concepts such as intersectionality and adaptive preferences are examples of this, and I now use both frequently in debates or discussions to explain concerns I may have or to challenge an opposing argument.

It was not an easy year, neither academically nor personally, and my endurance and sanity were both tested throughout. But I managed to come out of it alive and well, with a well-deserved degree in my hands. I must say I am proud.

University College London

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För er som följt min blogg ett tag vet att jag hade min graduation i början av sommaren. Jag pluggade på University of Westminster där jag läste juridik. Jag har alltid velat göra en Master’s degree men visste inte riktigt i vad och det var en av mina lärare som fick mig att inse att alla mina optional modules (de kurser man får välja själv) hade med mänskliga rättigheter att göra – så jag bestämde mig för att göra en Masters i Human Rights.

Under julen satt jag och kollade runt på universitet och bestämde mig för att söka till UCL, King’s, LSE och Queen Mary. UCL var den skolan som frågade om högst intagningspoäng då skolan är den 3e bästa i Storbritannien (efter Oxford och Cambridge) och har blivit rankad den 5e bästa i världen. Självklart var jag skiträdd då alla skolorna frågade efter minst 2:1 (ett B om man jämför med det Svenska systemet) för när jag sökte hade jag inte än gjort mina exams än så hade ingen aning om vilket mitt slutbetyg skulle bli.

Trots detta fick jag svar från alla skolorna och fick ”Conditional Offers” från alla. Det betyder att om man får det betyg dom frågar efter så kommer man in. UCL var mitt förstahandsval och dom frågade efter inte bara e 2:1, utan en high 2:1. I vilket fall som helst, jag gick ut från University of Westminster, med en high 2:1, vilket betyder att jag kom in på ALLA skolorna jag sökt till och mitt förstahandsval UCL. Så om 3 veckor börjar jag en Masters på UCL 🙂

// For those of you who have been following my blog for a while know I had my graduation at the beginning of the summer. I studied at the University of Westminster where I did Law. I have always wanted to do a Master's degree but was never sure of in what and it was actually one of my tutors who made me realize that all my optional modules were related to human rights - so I decided to do a Masters in Human Rights. During Christmas I was looking around at the best universities in London and decided to apply to UCL, King's LSE and Queen Mary. UCL was the university that asked for the highest points of intake as the university is rated the 3rd best in the UK (after OxBridge) and have been ranked the 5th best in the world. Of course I was shitting myself as all the universities asked for at least a 2:1 (a B if you compare it to the Swedish system) because when I applied to them I had not yet done my exams so I had no clue as to what my final grade was going to be. In any case I got replies from all the universities and got "Conditional offers" from all of them. UCL was my first hand choice, and they did not only ask for a 2:1 but a minimum of a high 2:1. In any case, I graduated from University of Westminster with a high 2:1 which means I got in to all of the universities I applied to and my first hand choice UCL. So in 3 weeks I'll be starting a Master's in Human Rights at UCL :) //