Hi guys, hope everyone is having a good start to the week! I have always been quite negatively affected by the winter months, some sort of winter blues if you like. But for some reason this winter I have not felt slightly depressed or low even once. Instead, especially now in January, I am feeling incredibly energetic and focussed and career driven. It might have something to do with the Sun, new moon, Pluto, and Mercury filling my tenth house of career and achievement (yes, I believe in star signs and astrology haha). My emotions are very balanced and almost numbed slightly which I am happy about, because when my emotions get too involved, Jesus Christ, all hell breaks loose!

Joking aside, it is just nice to feel some kind of inner peace. Of course I still get upset and angry, but I truly feel that I have come out of 2017 a happier and stronger person – and I think it has given me the boost I needed to really focus on my career goals.

Do you guys believe in astrology and star signs?