For the last few months, and even more so the last few weeks, I have been feeling incredibly in tune with myself. I have always been very good at exercising self-reflection and understanding why I act the way I do, or why I date the people I date etc etc. That is why I have always been good at spotting out when I am in a bad place – if you know yourself well, you also know when you are putting yourself through bad situations and you know what causes you pain.

I knew why I ended up in relationships with aggressive men, but I did not know what tools to use to avoid doing it – so I went to counselling. I knew why I had death and existential anxiety, but I did not know what tools to use to avoid getting such bad panic attacks – so I went to counselling for a second time. When I felt like I had accurately dealt with the issues that were causing me pain and was in a balanced mental place, I went on to explore remedies which would potentially help me remain balanced and happy – hence why I stopped taking the pill, started introducing crystals into my life, switched to a plant-based diet, and stopped drinking and going out as much.

It makes me incredibly happy when I encounter people, especially within the last week, who tell me that they can see I am more balanced and harmonised than I was for example a year or two ago. Who tell me I spread good energy and inspire them. I mean my journey is for me, first and foremost, but if it means that I can spread some of the positive energy to others as well, all the better! My theory is that if you are content and happy with yourself, you also have more to give to others. If I fill my own basket first, I can give you some of my fruits when I am done. But if I don’t fill my own basket first, I will have no fruits to give to either of us.

That being said, I still encounter people who are annoyed by me or who annoy me – that is just life, you are not always going to get along with everyone or like everything everyone does (I mean, there is no crystal in the world that will decease my annoyance for slow walkers during London tube rush hour)! But I often get asked how I not let people’s opinions of me get to me, and truth is I have always been good at not really caring what people think of me, because I noticed very early on in life that what one person might praise you for, another might hate you for.

Nevertheless, it can be hard to never let anything get to you, especially when it comes to family, relationships or friends. It might sound harsh, but something my first counsellor told me has been so vital to my own peace of mind in such situations: “If someone has a problem, it is their problem.” This statement, which is pretty simple and straightforward, really changed my life. Because not only does it apply to other people, but also to myself.

For example, if I feel a certain way about someone’s behaviour or a comment someone made, it is my problem. The person who has made me feel that way, is probably as happy as a clam, going about their normal business, without a thought in the world that I might be annoyed at them about something they did or said. Hence, me being annoyed is only taking time and energy from me. Time and energy I will not get back.

And vice versa! If someone is annoyed at me, that is their problem. Nomi Leasure said in a recent interview she did with She’s Not Sorry: “You encounter people where you can tell this isn’t about you, this is something that they’re carrying from their past or their psyche.” Then it is just better to not engage emotionally, because it will drag you into whatever they are going through and will most likely cause both of you to be unhappy.

I think why so many people have difficulty with this is because us humans have this natural instinct to wanting to be liked and respected. If you are liked and respected within the community this will get you further in life in terms of social circle, career, earning a living and being able to provide for yourself, your offspring etc. And while there is nothing wrong with wanting to be liked and respected, it is important to somewhere stop and think if being liked and respected is making you happy, or if it is causing you unnecessary stress. I realised that me caring about what other people do, say, or think about me or my behaviour was just causing me unnecessary stress and was getting in the way of me being my happiest self. So I stopped.



I never do New Year’s resolutions because in my book every day is a new day and a possibility to make a change or begin a new chapter. Nevertheless, what I always do at the end of each year is a kind of reflection of the year that has gone by and evaluate whether it was productive and whether I need to have a clearer focus next year.

The people who have followed my social medias and this blog since its birth in 2014, know that I have always been very career focused and that my career has always been the highlight of my life because I have never really had to overcome any obstacles – everything I have wanted has just come to me and I have not had to work very hard to get what I have wanted.

On the contrary, my personal life has always been a bit of a shit show. Roller coaster relationships and a fragile mental health daunted by death and existential anxiety. And while I have done two rounds of counselling, which made me understand why I am the way I am and why I act the way I do and why I choose the men I do, I never truly made an effort to improve myself.

However, 2018 has been the opposite for me. For the first time in a very long time, I have faced obstacles in my career and it has kind of been put on the back-burner. Instead, this year I have truly focused on my happiness. I have made some pretty big changes in my life that I feel not only have improved my own happiness, but that have made me a better person.

I have fully and truly emerged myself into a more spiritual lifestyle of crystals and meditation that have helped me fill my life with more positivity and less negativity. This naturally led me to stop going out in Mayfair. Following on from that, I decided to only eat a plant based diet at the beginning of the year to feed my body and mind with produce from the earth, and not dead beings and I have stuck by this. My most recent decision involves quitting the consumption of alcohol.

A spiritual journey is an endless one, but I already feel happier, kinder and more at peace with life. So even though I may not have excelled in my career this year, I feel like the progression I have made in my personal life is far greater than any promotion or pay rise.


I am back people!

As you are all probably aware, I have taken a break from the blog for a couple of months because I felt I had to focus on other things. I now feel I am re-focused and I have a very clear view of where I want to take the blog from now on. Previously, the blog has been more of a lifestyle blog, and while some of those elements will still remain, the new focus will be my passion – BEAUTY!

With that in mind, please let me know what you want to see on the blog hereafter. Vlogs? Make Up Tutorials? Product Reviews? Ahhh I get excited just writing about it!

TanRevel Spray Tan Kit (Self-tanning)

This post is in collaboration with TanRevel

I have found my lifesaver! For someone who never wears make up to work, the cold and dark winter months definitely take a toll on your face’s glow. I always feel prettiest when I have a natural tan, so in the summer I am loving life haha! But when winter comes and the tan fades, my face just feels a bit ’meh’. As I am no millionaire, and therefore cannot travel to a hot country everytime I want a tan, nor agree with tanning in solariums as this is bad for the skin and eyes, I have long thought about using spraytan. But whenever I have seen people use it, it looks patchy and smells terrible, so I have chosen not to.

TanRevel has changed my mind! With a device that sprays your face evenly, with tanning liquid that does not smell, I think I have finally found a great solution for me! Because at the end of the day, who does not want a nice tan to get through this weather?!

In the pictures above I am not wearing any make up, I only have one ’layer’ of TanRevel. I think I look pretty fresh! And do you know what? All my beautiful followers and readers get an exclusive 20% discount by using the code bueno20. So head over to TanRevel’s website and get your tanning set today 🙂


BTS for Kryolan

I am excited for tomorrow. I have not done a modelling job in a while, so when I was asked by my favourite make up company do a job tomorrow, I was so happy.

This weekend will also be fun. Got a birthday on Saturday and date day/night on Sunday.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!



I have started a new hair routine! I personally think that it is so important to keep your hair looking healthy, because if you have split ends or dry hair, it does not matter if your outfit is on point or your make up is flawless – this is all that people will see (or at least that is what I see when I look at other people haha!). So having used Tigi for pretty much most of my teenage years up until now, I decided to try a brand I have only heard good things ago: Kérastase. And boy, am I impressed! While they have various different shampoos and conditioners for different kinds of hair, I decided to go for one that makes your hair soft and silky – because my hair is not really dry nor is it brittle. I also decided to buy the leave in conditioner to go with it and I can honestly say that I will never go back haha. Above is my hair after one wash…

I might as well take this opportunity to say that the blog has now gone English full time haha. As you know, I have been translating every single text in both Swedish and English and it becomes a bit exhausting after a while, especially when I am writing longer texts (for which I have only written in English). So for the sake of coherence of posts, and because I am pretty sure most of you Swedes are somewhat good at English anyway, this will now be the new format of the blog. Hope you all like it!


Make up: Abbi Rose (assisted by Georgia Shults) / Hair: Charlie Wilkinson (using Annabelles Wigs)

Who doesn’t love glitter?! Gjorde för ett tag sedan ett shoot som precis kommit ut som har fått namnet The Glitter Series. Under plåtningen tog jag som vanligt selfies – fick denna gången med uppbyggningen av glittret och sminket på mitt ansikte. Älskar verkligen denna looken med den vitsilvriga peruken och det isblåa glittret. Snacka om att jag levde upp till mitt alter ego – ice queen!

// Who doesn't love glitter?! A while ago I did a shoot which has recently been released called The Glitter Series. During the shoot I was taking selfless as I usually do - this time I managed to capture some of the build up of the make up and glitter on my face. I really love this look with the silverwhite wig and the ice blue glitter. I really lived up to my alter ego - ice queen! //


Något som jag tycker är jobbigt på vintern är torra läppar. Tyvärr är det allt för vanligt och det händer även den bästa. Det är helt enkelt oundgängligt! Så jag tänkte dela med mig av 3 tips på bra läppbalsam.

Den första kommer från TERRY och heter Baume de Rose. Den känns nästan lite som ett lipgloss och ger även samma effekt som ett lipgloss, så om man vill kan man under vinterhalvåret helt byta ut sin normala lipgloss mot denna och ha mjuka läppar 24/7.

Den andra kommer ifrån NUXE och heter Rêve de Miel. När jag först testade denna tyckte jag den var lite konstigt för den har lite av en grynig konsistens, men så fort den kom på läpparna så blev den en favorit. Inte convenient om man ska ut och se snygg ut just på grund av den gryniga konsistensen, men perfekt att ta på läpparna på natten eller en stund innan man börjar göra sin make up.

Den tredje kommer ifrån det Koreanska märket SHISHEIDO och heter Water in Lip. Detta är helt enkelt ett chapstick som håller ens läppar mjuka. Om man letar efter ett simple and plain lipbalm så är detta the one.

//One thing that really annoys me during the winter is having dry lips. Unfortunately it is common and it even happens to the best of us. It is inevitable! So I thought I would share with you 3 tips of some good lip balms. 

The first one comes from TERRY and is called Baume de Rose. It feels a bit like a lipgloss and also gives the same effect, so if you want you can change your normal lipgloss with this to ensure soft lips 24/7.

The second one is from NUXE and is called Rêve de Miel. When I first tried this I thought it was a bit weird as it sort of has a grainy consistency, but as soon as it hit my lips it became a favorite. It is not very convenient if you're going out and want to look hot as a result of the grainy consistency, but it is perfect to put on your lips at night or before starting to put on ones make up. 

The third one comes from the Korean brand SHISHEIDO and is called Water in Lip. This is simply a chapstick which keeps ones lips soft. If you are looking for a simple and plain lip balm this is the one. //

Best job in the world?

Jag älskar smink! Har speciellt på de senaste åren fått ett väldigt intresse för sminkning och spenderar mycket av min lön på BRA smink. Så för mig att jobba som beauty modell där jag i princip blir sminkad i flera timmar och kan se vilka produkter som make up artisterna använder och få inspiration är ju en dröm. Typ bästa jobbet i världen!

För några helger sedan träffade jag en av mina absoluta favorit MUA’s Abbi Rose för att bli sminkad och för att ta lite bilder. Ovan ser ni resultatet. Visst blev det några coola looks?! Hon använde sig endast utav Lord & Berry – gillade verkligen deras produkter!

// I love make up! I have especially the last few years gained a real interest for make up and spend a lot of my pay cheque on GOOD make up. So for me to work as a beauty model where I am literally having my make up done for hours and can see which products are being by the MUA's on me and get inspired is like a dream. Talk about the best job in the world!

A couple of weekends ago I met up with one of my absolute favourite MUA's Abbi Rose to have my make up done and take some pics. You can see the result above. How cool are these looks?! She used Lord & Berry only - I really liked their products! //


 Our villa, Puig Redo, in San José.

Förstår ni nu hur jäkla härligt jag har haft det i helgen?! Jag har bott på rätt så fantastiska ställen när jag rest tidigare, men tror nog minsann att denna villa slår det mesta! En villa på 20 bäddar med privat pool, tennisbana (såg även en boulebana till min förtjusning!), gym och staff som kommer med i priset av villan som städade, lagade mat och serverade drinkar. Det är tydligen en av de största villorna på ön, och det förvånar mig inte ett dugg!

Lördagen spenderades vid poolen största delen och mot kvällen bar det av till El Chiringuito som hade sitt closing party. Måste nog säga att det var den absolut bästa kvällen under hela tiden i Ibiza, för alla hade så otroligt roligt! Vi var ju ett rätt så stort gäng, och det blir ibland svårt att få alla på festhumör samtidigt och man kommer lite ur sync ibland. Men just den kvällen var alla verkligen så festsugna och glada så det blev en sådan fin kväll. Sen att man stod och dansade loss under månen på en strand var ju inte heller helt fel…

Söndagen spenderades i samma anda som lördagen, vid poolen! Eftersom alla visste att måndagen skulle bli galen (tar det i nästa inlägg haha!) så tog alla det lugnt och bara njöt av att inte behöva gå upp till jobbet dagen efter. På kvällen åt vi alla middag i villan och hade DJ Shane Mcpherson från London som spelade för oss – så det blev några rum and ginger beer och dans innan jag gick och lade mig runt 1 på kvällen.

//Now do you guys understand how good I have had it this weekend?! I have stayed in some pretty amazing villas on my travels, but I think this is probably the best one so far! A villa with 20 beds with a private pool, tennis court (and even a boule court to my amusement!), gym, and staff who came with the price of the villa and who cleaned, cooked and served drinks. It is apparently one of the biggest villas on the island, and it doesn't surprise me!

Saturday was spent by the pool for the most part and in the evening we went to El Chiringuito who had their closing party. I have to say that Saturday night was probably the best night during my entire stay in Ibiza, because everyone had such a great time! We were quite a big group, and sometimes it was difficult to get everyone on the same wavelength at the same time. But that particular night everyone was so happy and just in the mood to party so we had such a lovely night. The fact that we were stood dancing under the moon on a beach probably helped a little too...

Sunday was spent in the same spirit as Saturday; by the pool! Since everyone knew Monday would be crazy (I will write about that in my next post haha!) everyone decided to just take it easy and chill and be happy about the fact that no one had to get up to work the next day. In the evening we all had dinner at the villa and DJ Shane Mcpherson from London played for us - so I had a few rum and ginger beers and danced a little bit until I went to bed at around 1am. //