Vegan Beauty

Unicorn makeup using cruelty free and vegan products

As you all know I have been eating a plant based diet for about a year and a half and I really enjoy it and there are not many things that I miss about my old diet. Nevertheless, I have not yet been able to go fully vegan (but it is something I am aiming for in the future). And I have actually started to make some changes in relation to my make-up and skincare products. While I am still using up all my old products, any new products that I buy I make sure to be vegan friendly or cruelty free.

Vegan makeup brushes from Spectrum

So I have made a lot of trips to The Body Shop for my skincare products, and have started using beautiful make up products from brands like Spectrum and Inika. And I love them! There are also many of the bigger brands like HudaBeauty, Fenty, Morphe, Urban Decay, Too Faced etc that all are cruelty free, but also have several vegan products in their ranges. It is nice that I can use my favourite makeup without a guilty conscience! 🙂

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