I had a proper me day on Sunday. Not that I do not usually do (I am very good when it comes to self-care and self-love), but yesterday I literally let my soul lead the way. I was on my way home from Essex and because it was a Sunday the trains did not go directly to my area, and instead went to Stratford. So because I was hungry as per usual, I thought I would go and have brunch in Westfields.

In Westfields I realised the time (2pm) and decided change that brunch to lunch and go to Las Iguanas, a Central American/South American restaurant which is very popular. I had vegan tacos and vegan loaded nachos, and sweet lord Jesus, it was just as delicious as it sounds. After my lunch I passed Lola’s cupcakes, and stopped to bring one home for later that evening. A vegan passionfruit cupcake. Yum!

Then I headed back to Canning Town, stopped by the gym and did a 45 min workout session. I had already promised myself the day before I would go to the gym, and so I made it a part of my me day. I did not go all in (I mean it is Jules we are talking about after all), but still managed to get sweaty and felt it was a good session. At home, I ran an essential oil bath and did my usual weekly skincare routine (I also did a scalp scrub and coconut oil hair mask – my most recent beauty scare is hair loss lol any tips?).

I came out of the bath feeling revitalised, and spent the rest of my night munching on my cupcake and watching Paradise Hotel (Swedish series). My idea of a perfect day.

Food at Las Iguanas on the left and a gym selfie on the right 🙂

I think one of my absolute favourite things in the whole world is spending time alone doing things I love. Going to restaurants, ordering whatever I want from the menu and taking my time eating it. Getting up early on a sunny day and walking next to a body of water with a cup of coffee in my hand. Spending a whole Sunday in bed watching series and ordering take out.

I truly am an introvert at heart and avoid social situations as much as I possibly can (I do not mind being out and about, as long as I do not have to speak to people). But I do have my moments where I have been a recluse for too long, and I need some social interaction (I am a human after all!) and then I will meet friends, go on a date, or go on a night out. But then it is back to being a recluse. Haha, just the way I like it!

But yes, to my point about this post (God I really need to work on getting to the point quicker!), I think it is super important to have so called me days every once in a while. It kind of brings your mind, body and soul ’home’ and lets you really listen to what you want and need.


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