For my birthday this year I wanted to do something different (and something that did not involve going to a restaurant and club in Mayfair or Shoreditch). I thought about another city in the UK (like Manchester), but thought I deserved something a little more exciting seeing as I am turning 25. I looked at Jamaica (which I have wanted to go to for ages!) but the prices were ridiculous and so I quickly dropped that idea. Then I came to think about the US…

I have not been there since I went to Hawaii to film for Mac Miller’s show on MTV 5 years ago (I was under the drinking age so there was only so many activities I could partake in). I remember thinking to myself that I need to come back when I am 21 or over, because I have been to all of these sick places (NYC, LA, Vegas, San Fran, San Diego and Hawaii) without being able to go clubbing or drink in public places. So where better to go for my 25th birthday than America?!

I have wanted to go to Miami for a while, but always thought it was a place you go with a group of friends to party, and so it never really seemed like the right time (plus getting everyone together at the same time often proves a difficult task). But it is my 25th birthday after all so I gave it a shot, and both N and T confirmed their attendance straight away! I will be spending my 25th birthday with two of my best friends in Miami for a week in April. Whoop whoop!

I have already done a bit of research and know that I want to go to the following places:

Sightseeing: Art Deco Historic District and Little Havana

Beaches: South Beach and Venetian Pool

Restaurants: Versace Mansion (Gianni’s) and Plant

Bars: Sugar and Ball & Chain

Day time parties: Hyde Beach and Nikki Beach

Nightclubs: LIV and Story

Is there anywhere else I have to go when I am there? 🙂

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