As many of you are aware, I have been eating a plant-based diet for a year now (and I honestly cannot see myself going back). Initially, I did it because of my health, but as I have done more and more research, I have realised it has massive environmental benefits as well.

Like I said in one of my most recent post I do not really do new years’ resolutions, but one thing I really want to set as a goal for myself this year is to become more environmentally sustainable and really reduce my carbon footprint. While things like diet plays a huge part, recycling, travel and shopping also matters (and not something I have really engaged in until now). So this year I want to start recycling, try to keep my flying to maximum twice a year, and stop buying mass produced clothes and instead buy second-hand/vintage.

Furthermore, I would like to start to introduce more vegan beauty products into my beauty regime (although I am slightly struggling with this). I had a look at my make up and skin care products last week, and barely any of them were vegan and about 50% were cruelty free. So I decided to take it one step at the time – from now on I will only buy cruelty free beauty products (that are preferably vegan). Can you guys recommend any good brands that you like? 🙂

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