Those who know me know I am not religious. I do not believe in a higher power or a God. However, I do believe in energies, crystals, chakras, star signs and the lot (basically anything related to energy). So I guess I am more spiritual than anything.

I think you guys might remember that I not too long ago wrote that I feel very happy where I am currently in my life. That still remains the same. January 2018 is a great month for us Aries career wise, and I am certainly making the most of it. I feel very motivated.

In my personal life I also feel very much at ease and grateful for my relationship with my mother which is fantastic, and my relationship with my friends – I do not think I have ever had this many GOOD friends in my life ever.

Regardless of this, I can feel bad vibes and negative energies penetrating my aura. Be it the hate, jealousy, pettiness or upset of others. And I cannot help but notice it, even though I would have wished to just ignore it. I am aware that by acknowledging it, I am in a way letting these negative energies poke holes in my aura, but I just cannot ignore them at present. I am currently carrying my black tourmaline with me everywhere, and I am hoping that this will protect me from these negative thoughts, energies and people. I am also going to start meditating with my crystals, which is something I have not done before. Hopefully this will not only protect my aura, but keep my soul in tune.

I will not let other people ruin my mood, my aura, or my motivation in life. I will continue to return the haters’ negative energy with my positive energy. Have a fabulous day everyone!

One comment on “NEGATIVE ENERGY

  • Plaxedes Macheka says:

    That is just the spirit girl! Let no one interfere negatively and alow yourself to be proud of where you are and what you have accomplished. Acknowledging the negativities around you may perhaps allow the negative energies to poke holes in your aura but it also allows you to deal with it by either fighting the dirt away or ignoring it. May I ask whether or not you have identified your haters or the individuals bringing in the negativities in your life? Call on and team up with the individuals closest to you, loyal and unconditionally supportive and loving of you in your fight, alongside with the meditation and you will win over it all.



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