2017 in pictures

It is very seldom I stop and take a moment to feel proud of my achievements. I think it is because I normalise my own life quite often and the things that I go through or the things I achieve – I tend to feel quite static in my everyday life, as if I am not really going anywhere and that I have not actually made any real progress in my life. That is not to say that I do not feel confident with myself or my achievements, I think I simply compare myself to the big dogs way too often. Sometimes I have to humble myself and remind myself that I am only 23. So with the New Year arriving, and leaving 2017 behind, I decided to take a moment to think back of the things I feel proud of this year. 

2017 in pictures

This year I think there are three major things that I feel proud about – one career related, one academic and one relating to my emotional well-being.

First and foremost I landed a full time contract at my law firm which meant I had more responsibilities in an area which I was not very familiar with. I was put out of my comfort zone and I managed to still do very well have received a lot of praise. That is something I am very proud of.

Second, I managed to complete my Master’s Degree irrespective of the emotional and mental issues I was dealing with during the entire course of that degree. While I was nervous about my result – I was not sure I would even pass – I received my final grade a few weeks ago and was awarded a Merit. I am very proud of myself for this too.

Third, I was able to come to terms with my only real fear in life. Not overcome it, because I doubt I ever will, but to just accept its existence and not letting it govern my relationships or my life. It is still there, present every day, but it does not have the same power over me anymore. And that is something I am particularly happy about and proud of.

2017 in pictures

Not going to lie, 2017 did take the life out of me slightly. But I do feel positive looking forward. I feel ambitious, and I am ready to take on new ventures. I also feel very happy in my personal life, I have some great people around me who love and support me.


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