Något som jag tycker är jobbigt på vintern är torra läppar. Tyvärr är det allt för vanligt och det händer även den bästa. Det är helt enkelt oundgängligt! Så jag tänkte dela med mig av 3 tips på bra läppbalsam.

Den första kommer från TERRY och heter Baume de Rose. Den känns nästan lite som ett lipgloss och ger även samma effekt som ett lipgloss, så om man vill kan man under vinterhalvåret helt byta ut sin normala lipgloss mot denna och ha mjuka läppar 24/7.

Den andra kommer ifrån NUXE och heter Rêve de Miel. När jag först testade denna tyckte jag den var lite konstigt för den har lite av en grynig konsistens, men så fort den kom på läpparna så blev den en favorit. Inte convenient om man ska ut och se snygg ut just på grund av den gryniga konsistensen, men perfekt att ta på läpparna på natten eller en stund innan man börjar göra sin make up.

Den tredje kommer ifrån det Koreanska märket SHISHEIDO och heter Water in Lip. Detta är helt enkelt ett chapstick som håller ens läppar mjuka. Om man letar efter ett simple and plain lipbalm så är detta the one.

//One thing that really annoys me during the winter is having dry lips. Unfortunately it is common and it even happens to the best of us. It is inevitable! So I thought I would share with you 3 tips of some good lip balms. 

The first one comes from TERRY and is called Baume de Rose. It feels a bit like a lipgloss and also gives the same effect, so if you want you can change your normal lipgloss with this to ensure soft lips 24/7.

The second one is from NUXE and is called Rêve de Miel. When I first tried this I thought it was a bit weird as it sort of has a grainy consistency, but as soon as it hit my lips it became a favorite. It is not very convenient if you're going out and want to look hot as a result of the grainy consistency, but it is perfect to put on your lips at night or before starting to put on ones make up. 

The third one comes from the Korean brand SHISHEIDO and is called Water in Lip. This is simply a chapstick which keeps ones lips soft. If you are looking for a simple and plain lip balm this is the one. //

Covering up and female oppression

Each and every day I read Isabella Lowengrips blog. Not so much for the content, but for the comments section… It is rather entertaining to see so many people get worked up over matters which do not affect them. Anyhow, I was reading a post that the blogger had uploaded about her recent trip to Riyadh and how she had had a pleasant trip, which was accompanied by a picture of her in a an abaya and two other women in niqabs. By default, I went to the comments section and was met by statements glorifying the freedom of us Swedish women while criticising the oppression of women in non-Western countries.

I was surprised. Perhaps because I have not lived in Sweden for a few years, and I had forgotten how narrow minded people can be. Do not get me wrong, Sweden IS an amazing country in so many ways and I am extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to grow up in a country where I have almost been treated as equal to men, because I am very aware that that is not the case in many countries around the world. But there is something very dangerous about “othering” and glorifying the West… let me explain what I mean with that. When talking about women covering their bodies, many people make the mistake of “othering” these women they are referring to. For example, as a Swedish woman I may think that because Sweden is one of the most equal countries in the world when it comes to opportunities for both sexes, the way women are treated in Sweden is the right way to be treated and the way women are treated in other parts of the world is oppressive and incorrect.

What is dangerous about this is that it creates a divide between women first and foremost. Not only are we portraying us Westerners as some kind of almighty saviours who’s way of life is the way to go, trying to teach the rest of the world how to be just like us. But we are also making the situation considerably worse for these women as by belittling them and their way of life we are further marginalising them. If a woman in Saudi has been forced to wear a niqab, having Birgitta, 63 year old dog owner from a suburban town in Sweden deem it “oppressing” in a comment section on a blog, will most likely not actually make a difference for the woman in question. All it does is create an incorrect preconception.

I can admit, I was the same a few years ago, writing my first ever essay during my Law degree on specifically the veil as a tool of oppression. I was of the view that of course the covering of a woman’s body was a tool of oppression and that any woman who did wear the veil or niqab was oppressed. Part of me wishes I could go back in time and re-write that essay because I feel it was based solely on my conception of the veil as a non-religious Western woman. After 3 years at a university with a majority of Asian students, a lot of who were Muslim, and after a year at UCL studying a Human Rights degree, I slowly started to get a different picture of what covering up meant, or what it did not mean. When speaking to some of my hijab and niqab wearing peers, not a single one suggested they were forced to wear it. Many actually said that their family was against them using it, but that they had done so anyway because they wanted to as it made them feel closer to Allah. Another story included a young woman who’s hair simply did not want to cooperate, so for her, the hijab was convenient as she no longer had to worry about her crazy hair affecting her self-confidence. Other women suggested that they wore it as they did not want to be sexualised and objectified – which is something that I can relate to. I have in recent years stopped wearing make up on a daily basis and started wearing more baggy clothes which are not sexy as I was tired of being cat called and tired of being sexually harassed and assaulted.

While of course, there are women who wear the veil who are also oppressed, I think it is incorrect to assume that the two are mutually exclusive. Women are oppressed all over the world, irrespective of nationality, race, religion, social class and age…oppression is not limited to non-Western countries and definitely not to one religion. And to be honest, what a woman wears is not the issue. As a Western woman, if I wear too much or clothes that are not sexy, I am told to dress nice and show a bit of skin because men like that. If I am showing skin, and cleavage and all the goods, I am told to cover up and to respect myself because no man wants a girl who looks slutty. How is this any different from the apparent oppression only the niqab and hijab can incur? In terms of oppression, it seems that what us women wear is not the problem, but that the men telling us what to wear are. While a piece of cloth that covers a woman’s body is quite a concrete and easy target for Westerners to put the oppression stamp on, oppression will usually not be as clear cut and straight forward as a scarf. It is a lot deeper, more difficult to see, and definitely not as stylish. And as a feminist, I think it is important for us women to stand together rather than ”othering”. To understand and respect each other and have an open mind towards cultures and religions different to our own, in order to eliminate real oppression of women.


Varbergs Fästning

Kommer ihåg att jag alltid tyckte det var spännande att besöka Fästningen när jag var liten. Det var med skräckblandad förtjusning som man tittade på Bockstensmannen medan man lyssnade på historien om hur han troligtvis dog. När jag var i Varberg sist så blev det inget museum, men tog ändå en liten tur på Fästningen för att kolla på den fina utsikten. Tycker det är så fantastiskt när gamla byggnader bibehålls!

// I remember that I always thought it was so exciting to visit the Fortress when I was little. It was delight mingled with terror when watching the Bocksten Man while listening to the story of how he potentially died. When I was in Varberg last I did not visit the museum, but I still managed to take a little stroll around the Fortress to look at the stunning view. I think it is amazing when old buildings are preserved! //



Kallbadhuset i Varberg är nog en av dom vackraste byggnaderna jag vet. Har alltid varit väldigt fascinerad över den nästan lite indiska arkitekturen på badhuset, som är öppet året om för både män och kvinnor som vill ta ett dopp i det blå för att sedan värma sig i en bastu. Konceptet går väldigt mycket hand i hand med allt det Varberg står för som en kurort – det finns otroligt många spa:n i min hemstad, så kanske inte så konstigt att jag växt upp till att bli en väldigt lugn (och harmonisk…ha ha ha) människa!

Fick ju självklart passa på att åka dit när jag var i Varberg sist. Pappa erbjöd sig att köra ner mig till hamnen för att ta lite bilder på både kallbadhuset och fästningen (vilket ni får se nästa inlägg). Tycker bilderna blev väldigt fina faktiskt, trots att dagen var lite grå!

// Kallbadhuset in Varberg is probably one of the most beautiful buildings I know. I have always been very fascinated by the almost Indian style architecture the "cold bath house" has, which is open all year around for both men and women who want to have a swim in the blue and then warm up in a sauna. The concept goes very much hand in hand with all that Varberg stands for as a health resort - there are so many spas in my hometown, so perhaps not strange that I turned out to be such a calm (and harmonic…ha ha ha) person!

I obviously had to visit this place when I was in Varberg last time. My dad offered to drive me to the harbour to take some pics of both kallbadhuset and fästningen (the fortress - which you will see in the next post). I though the pics turned out really well, regardless of the grey and gloomy day! //

Best job in the world?

Jag älskar smink! Har speciellt på de senaste åren fått ett väldigt intresse för sminkning och spenderar mycket av min lön på BRA smink. Så för mig att jobba som beauty modell där jag i princip blir sminkad i flera timmar och kan se vilka produkter som make up artisterna använder och få inspiration är ju en dröm. Typ bästa jobbet i världen!

För några helger sedan träffade jag en av mina absoluta favorit MUA’s Abbi Rose för att bli sminkad och för att ta lite bilder. Ovan ser ni resultatet. Visst blev det några coola looks?! Hon använde sig endast utav Lord & Berry – gillade verkligen deras produkter!

// I love make up! I have especially the last few years gained a real interest for make up and spend a lot of my pay cheque on GOOD make up. So for me to work as a beauty model where I am literally having my make up done for hours and can see which products are being by the MUA's on me and get inspired is like a dream. Talk about the best job in the world!

A couple of weekends ago I met up with one of my absolute favourite MUA's Abbi Rose to have my make up done and take some pics. You can see the result above. How cool are these looks?! She used Lord & Berry only - I really liked their products! //

Ibiza Part 3

Solomun party at our villa.

Herregud vilken fest vi drog till med i vår villa på måndagen! Solomun kom och spelade och vi hade över 250 gäster från runt om på ön. Drinkarna flödade och mat serverades med jämna mellanrum. Har ju aldrig varit mycket av ett house fan, men kan ju lugnt säga att efter att man träffat en av det största namnen i deep house så kan man inget annat än att gilla musiken!

Mitt under festen, som började kl 13.00 på måndagen, så var jag tvungen att smita iväg till flygplatsen för att åka hem till London igen. Kändes tråkigt att behöva lämna mitt i allt det roliga, men det kändes på samma gång bra att end it on a high note. Tack Ibiza för denna gången. I will be back!

// Jesus Christ what a party we had at our villa on Monday! Solomun came and played and we had over 250 guests from around the island. THe drinks were flowing and food was frequently served. I have never been much of a house fan, but I can tell you that when you have met one of the biggest names in deep house, you can't help but love the music!

In the middle of the party, which started at 1pm on Monday, I had to go to the airport to go back to London again. I felt sad I had to leave in the middle of all the fun, but it also felt good because I left it on a high note. Thank you for this time Ibiza. I will be back! //

Ibiza Part 2

 Our villa, Puig Redo, in San José.

Förstår ni nu hur jäkla härligt jag har haft det i helgen?! Jag har bott på rätt så fantastiska ställen när jag rest tidigare, men tror nog minsann att denna villa slår det mesta! En villa på 20 bäddar med privat pool, tennisbana (såg även en boulebana till min förtjusning!), gym och staff som kommer med i priset av villan som städade, lagade mat och serverade drinkar. Det är tydligen en av de största villorna på ön, och det förvånar mig inte ett dugg!

Lördagen spenderades vid poolen största delen och mot kvällen bar det av till El Chiringuito som hade sitt closing party. Måste nog säga att det var den absolut bästa kvällen under hela tiden i Ibiza, för alla hade så otroligt roligt! Vi var ju ett rätt så stort gäng, och det blir ibland svårt att få alla på festhumör samtidigt och man kommer lite ur sync ibland. Men just den kvällen var alla verkligen så festsugna och glada så det blev en sådan fin kväll. Sen att man stod och dansade loss under månen på en strand var ju inte heller helt fel…

Söndagen spenderades i samma anda som lördagen, vid poolen! Eftersom alla visste att måndagen skulle bli galen (tar det i nästa inlägg haha!) så tog alla det lugnt och bara njöt av att inte behöva gå upp till jobbet dagen efter. På kvällen åt vi alla middag i villan och hade DJ Shane Mcpherson från London som spelade för oss – så det blev några rum and ginger beer och dans innan jag gick och lade mig runt 1 på kvällen.

//Now do you guys understand how good I have had it this weekend?! I have stayed in some pretty amazing villas on my travels, but I think this is probably the best one so far! A villa with 20 beds with a private pool, tennis court (and even a boule court to my amusement!), gym, and staff who came with the price of the villa and who cleaned, cooked and served drinks. It is apparently one of the biggest villas on the island, and it doesn't surprise me!

Saturday was spent by the pool for the most part and in the evening we went to El Chiringuito who had their closing party. I have to say that Saturday night was probably the best night during my entire stay in Ibiza, because everyone had such a great time! We were quite a big group, and sometimes it was difficult to get everyone on the same wavelength at the same time. But that particular night everyone was so happy and just in the mood to party so we had such a lovely night. The fact that we were stood dancing under the moon on a beach probably helped a little too...

Sunday was spent in the same spirit as Saturday; by the pool! Since everyone knew Monday would be crazy (I will write about that in my next post haha!) everyone decided to just take it easy and chill and be happy about the fact that no one had to get up to work the next day. In the evening we all had dinner at the villa and DJ Shane Mcpherson from London played for us - so I had a few rum and ginger beers and danced a little bit until I went to bed at around 1am. //

Ibiza Part 1

View from our villa Puig Redo in San José.

Vilken resa! Känner mig fortfarande euforisk efter min weekend i Ibiza. Det var ju den så kallade ”closing-weekend”, då klubbarna stänger för säsongen. Tyvärr kunde jag bara stanna i 3 dagar, men föredrog nästan det eftersom jag verkligen sög upp allt så mycket mer eftersom jag visste att det endast skulle vara i några få dagar.

Jag landade fredag kväll och blev upphämtad av en chaufför som gav mig strikta instruktioner om att byta om i bilen eftersom vi inte skulle till villan utan direkt till festen. Han körde mig direkt till KM5, där hela gänget satt och hade middag. Vissa kände jag från London, men andra träffade jag för första gången, vilket var kul. Alltid roligt att träffa nytt folk!

Vi stannade inte så länge på KM5, utan drog tillbaka till villan och hade fest där istället. När jag kom fram var det mörkt, men villan var så otroligt fin ändå av det jag kunde se! Vi festade fram tills 5 på morgonen och bestämde oss sedan för att sova så att vi kunde vakna tidigt morgonen efter.

Största delen av lördagen spenderades med en häpnad över den fantastiska utsikten från villan… Hur fint?!

Fler bilder från söndagen och av villan to come…

// What a trip! I still feel euphoric after my weekend in Ibiza. It was the so called "closing", where the clubs close for the season. Unfortunately I could only stay for 3 days, but I preferred that as I really took everything in and appreciated it more as I knew I was only staying for a few days.

I landed Friday night and got picked up by the chauffeur who came me strict instructions to change in the car as we were going straight to the party. He drove me straight to KM5, where the whole gang had dinner. Some I knew from before in London, and others I met for the first time, which was fun. It is always nice to meet new people!

We didn't stay at KM5 for too long, but went back to the villa and had a party there instead. When we arrived it was dark, but I could still tell how beautiful the villa was from what I could see! We partied until 5am and then decided to go to bed so that we could wake up early the next morning.

Most part of Saturday was spent in awe of the view from the villa…How beautiful?!

More pictures from Sunday and of the villa to come… //