Had the most amazing dinner with a girlfriend of mine last week. We went to Aqua Nueva, next to Oxford Circus. I believe I have mentioned having drinks and dinner at Aqua Kyoto previously, and it is basically two different restaurants on the same floor of the same building – but both with two separate rooftops and separate themes: one is Spanish and one is Asian. Seeing as I almost always eat at Asian fusion restaurants when I am out, I thought it would be nice to go for some tapas this time.

The entire dinner was lovely and the service was fantastic – and I must say I was pleasantly surprised by the price! We both had 3 tapas dishes each, a dessert each, and two glasses of wine each and it came to £60 per person! So I can definitely recommend Aqua Nueva to anyone living in London or to people who are visiting!

Valentine’s Day

Ah, Valentine’s Day, ay? A lot of people on my social media were writing love letters to their significant others and how much they appreciate their presence in their lives. Which of course is lovely and it is great that people have so much love for another human being, but I do not think I will ever be able to fully relate – until I have a child.

Do not get me wrong, I had a wonderful Valentine’s Day full of laughter and love. I had drinks at No.65 & King with A and then we proceeded to have a very vegan and candlelit dinner at Farmacy. It was nice to celebrate Valentine’s Day seeing as I have not done so for over two years. Nevertheless, that does not mean I am overwhelmed by the love I have for the people around me. I am appreciative of it, but not overwhelmed.

What I am overwhelmed by is the love I feel for myself. And at the end of the day your relationship with yourself is the most important thing in the world because you will literally spend the rest of your life with you. The importance of nurturing your relationship with yourself is vital to a comfortable and fulfilled life. I am incredibly happy with myself and I know I can always count on me to have my own back. If one part of me is slacking or is going through a tough time, another part of me picks the pieces up and gets shit done. And that is something I have only ever been able to rely on myself for, and that is why I love me. I take care of me in a way that only I can – I know what I need to feel happy. If that is a good read at a small café, then I will do that. If that is a lengthy shopping spree with a glass of champagne to top it off, then I will do that. If that is a crazy night out with my girlfriends, then I will do that. If that is to lay in bed all day and order food delivery after food delivery, then I will do that.

What it comes down to is ultimately a commitment to take care of your soul and your mind. I have realised after years and years of putting my happiness in the hands of other people that at the end of the day, the only person who can make me truly happy is me – the only person who will never ever leave, disappoint, cheat, be mean, put me down or misunderstand me. And I think once you come to that realisation you will have a much better relationship to yourself as well as the people around you. It helps filter which choices to make in life and in which people to you keep around you.

So thank you Julia for being you, for always having my back, for being hard working, for making me laugh (I literally find myself hilarious) and for being a kind and considerate human being. I love you!


When I applied to University College London, I was sceptical. I had never imagined myself the kind of person to go to one of the best universities in the world (number 5 in the world in 2015, to be exact, and number 3 in the UK in 2017 after Oxford and Cambridge). My grades from University of Westminster were just enough to meet the entry requirements and my personal statement was as cringeworthy as a drunk uncle at Christmas dinner. But I got in. I remember receiving acceptance letters from not only UCL, which was my first choice, but from King’s College and Queen Mary too – Queen Mary who had rejected me for an undergraduate degree 3 years earlier.

My degree at UCL provided me with more knowledge than I could have imagined. Most notably, it gave me a language which I felt I had previously lacked. Being a feminist advocate for women’s and human rights from Sweden, it can sometimes be difficult to get your point across when your human rights and feminist vocabulary is limited. Concepts such as intersectionality and adaptive preferences are examples of this, and I now use both frequently in debates or discussions to explain concerns I may have or to challenge an opposing argument.

It was not an easy year, neither academically nor personally, and my endurance and sanity were both tested throughout. But I managed to come out of it alive and well, with a well-deserved degree in my hands. I must say I am proud.

The Arts Club

On Wednesday I had dinner at The Arts Club with a friend of mine for a catch up after work. While I have been there for drinks several times, I have never been there for dinner, so it was a nice new experience. I had the oysters for starters and an endive and gorgonzola salad for mains. Although I barely ever have dessert, we shared the sticky toffee pudding which was divine! Overall a great and cozy night, with fantastic service, and looking forward to going there again soon!


It certainly is! I realised I have not actually done a post about what perfumes I use before, and thought it was about time! I love perfumes that are timeless and feminine – La Vie Est Belle by Lancôme is the perfume I use the most (I also like Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel and Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf). I rarely wear make up during the week, because I do not need to as the above pictures indicate (diva moment haha!), and instead I focus on smelling good. When you find a perfume that compliments your natural scent, that is when you know you have found the right one.

I am now getting ready to meet my boos for a night out! I was completely out of it last night with stomach flu (thank you A for taking care of me) so tonight I need to get out and blow off some steam. What are your plans for the evening?



Roka is one of my favourite Asian Fusion restaurants in London. There are so many Asian Fusion restaurants in London to choose from, such as Nobu, Novikov, Zuma etc and white they are all good food wise, I probably prefer Roka to all of them as the ambience of the restaurant is a bit more chilled and romantic (i.e. perfect for a date!). I went to the Charlotte Street one with my ex a few times 2 years ago, and to the Canary Wharf one for a date last year, and I like both! Definitely a place I can recommend to anyone visiting London 🙂



Hi guys, hope everyone is having a good start to the week! I have always been quite negatively affected by the winter months, some sort of winter blues if you like. But for some reason this winter I have not felt slightly depressed or low even once. Instead, especially now in January, I am feeling incredibly energetic and focussed and career driven. It might have something to do with the Sun, new moon, Pluto, and Mercury filling my tenth house of career and achievement (yes, I believe in star signs and astrology haha). My emotions are very balanced and almost numbed slightly which I am happy about, because when my emotions get too involved, Jesus Christ, all hell breaks loose!

Joking aside, it is just nice to feel some kind of inner peace. Of course I still get upset and angry, but I truly feel that I have come out of 2017 a happier and stronger person – and I think it has given me the boost I needed to really focus on my career goals.

Do you guys believe in astrology and star signs?




I would say that I am pretty confident and that I am good at not letting people’s opinions of what I do, say, or look like get to me. A lot of people see me as a strong woman who does not take any shit. And I am strong – if I look at obstacles which I have overcome, or at my academic/work accomplishments, or simply at the person I have grown up to become, then I do see a strong, kind and independent woman.

In Sweden there is a saying “att duga”, which roughly translates to “being enough”. And I have never thought I was not enough. Yet, I am only human, and at the end of the day some shit does get to me. Words of pettiness or jealousy, an evil look or a laugh in disgust, a hate letter encouraging me to kill myself. And all these things, while they do not necessarily get the best of me, they do plant a seed of doubt. Is my opinion of myself glorified? Maybe I am a slut? Maybe I am too confident for my looks? Maybe I am fat? Maybe I am boring?

And it saddens me that I allow exes, foes, people I have never met, and even boyfriends to make me feel that way. Like maybe I am not enough, like maybe they are right? And it puts me down, and I have to build myself back up, and I build a wall slightly higher than the time before, and I become cold to protect myself – the fewer people I let in, the less likelihood that I will get hurt.

But it is sad that it has to be this way. Because I know I am not alone in this. So many people, especially women, are constantly told we are not enough – by people in our surroundings, by the media, by the government etc. And it is exhausting having to be your own cheerleader all the time (and then getting more shit for actually celebrating yourself, because god forbid we should be proud of ourselves and the way we are and our accomplishments).

But in all fairness, I am proud. And I am more than enough. I bring so much to the table that I need my own.


Which agency are you with? Have you got a link to your portfolio and stats?

I get this question a lot. I think perhaps a lot of people assume from my Instagram bio that I am an Instagram model (because most bloggers who also refer to themselves as models are Instamodels) but this is not the case with me.

I was scouted when I was 20 by the modelling agency Sugarbabes and had a contract with them for about one and a half years before I decided that it was not the agency for me for various reasons. I ended the contract and decided to do freelance modelling until I found another agency. But being a freelance model suited my lifestyle so well so that I did not even actively try to find another agency. Because I am on the path of becoming a solicitor and I work full time as a paralegal and do the blogging on the side, there is not much time for going to castings or doing mid week modelling jobs. With the freelance work, it gives me the flexibility that I need. I have built up a great relationship with many industry professionals, so they now contact me directly and I can thereafter decide whether the job will fit into my schedule.

I therefore do not have an online portfolio, and my pictures and stats can be provided on request.

What has been your most memorable modelling shot?

I have had many amazing photoshoots, but I think the most memorable one is my first one with Kryolan, filming the Ultra Foundation advert. Everything from the make up to the gown I wore was just amazing!

Hello. What do you use for your skin daily?

I do not have a particular daily skin routine, although with the new year arriving I have decided to take better care of my skin because although I have good skin now, a bad routine in my younger years will most definitely affect my skin’s appearance long term. I have for a while been looking at Zagora‘s Moroccan beauty products. They are completely natural, and this is something that I want to introduce my skin to, because I have previously used products which has all kinds of nasties in them. I think my skin is the happiest when I use natural products which are not too harsh on the skin.

I understand from your blog that you are a feminist. How will this show when you start working as a solicitor?

Being a feminist is so deeply rooted in everything that I do that I do not think people will note a considerable difference in my behaviour when I become a solicitor. I believe in equality of men and women, and I believe in women being offered the same treatment and opportunities as men. I will implement these views in whatever employment I have.

Working in family law, I have noticed many shortcomings in how the law treats men and women differently, especially when it comes to custody of children and finances. There is an assumed role of the man as the breadwinner and the woman as the natural carer. While this is something that I would like to see changed, being a solicitor does not mean that I can change the law. I have to use the law as it currently stands to provide justice to my clients. And as a feminist this is of course what I will aim to do.

Have you decided where you want to live for the future Julia?

This is a hard one… I love London and I think London will always be my base. But I also have dreams of living in Paris and L.A. at some point. The only thing I know for a fact is that I want to retire in the Caribbean (preferably Curacao or Jamaica).

What do you do to stay in shape?

Nothing haha! I don’t go to the gym, or do any real exercise. I do eat quite well though, 90% plant based, lots of lentil salads, healthy soups, vegan curries etc. so perhaps that is why I look like I am in fairly good shape. Although I do actually want to start working out again, so any if anyone is a PT, get at me!

Best club in London?

This is an easy one. Maddox, no doubt.

What advices would you give to someone who would like to get into modelling?

Stay true to yourself and what you believe in. Modelling is a very harsh and competitive industry. It is important to not take shit or to do something you do not feel comfortable with. I have many times been pushed to do lingerie shoots, but I take pride in the fact that I have made a lot of money from my face (with my clothes on). Another piece of advice is to know your limits. I am not a runway  model nor a high fashion model, therefore I have not wasted time going to castings where those kind of models have been requested. I know my strength lies in beauty modelling and that is what I have stuck to. It is good challenge the norm, but there are so many subcategories of modelling that it makes sense to stick with what you do best and can make the most money out of!


I just have to recommend L’ETO CAFFE! The café in Knightsbridge was literally my go to spot the whole autumn last year – used to sit there for hours by myself and enjoy their brunch and baked goodies. The food is honestly amazing, really good breakfast place. Although it does get busy and the service is not amazing. But still really nice place!