Relationship status

As you have probably noticed, I keep the blog fairly impersonal. The reason for this is manifold. One reason is because when I was younger I had a blog on which I started receiving threats, and I even got sent hate mail to my house as a result of the contents on my blog. I was at that point fairly open about my life, who I was dating and which ventures I embarked on. I think a people get bitter when they see people happy and not really caring about what other people think. A lot of people close to me have said: “Oh they are just jealous”, a saying which I hate. I am a firm believer in that one can dislike someone else without being jealous of them, just like you can be jealous of what someone else has or how they look or whatever, without disliking them. I actually do not know why I seem to provoke people in a way which makes them take time out of their day to write a letter and send it to my house, or create a fake account on Instagram and message whoever I am dating saying I am a bad girlfriend and they should leave me, or even send me a text saying what a disgusting human being I am. As I have dealt with this since the age of 16, being deeply bullied in the form of slutshaming everyday during my years in Stockholm, I think I have not only learned how to not give a shit what people think (I mean if my ‘fellow’ students can refer to me as “slut” when I have only slept with one person, then you realise that people will hate you and have a problem with you regardless of what you do), but also how to protect myself.

I protect myself with humour – hence the ‘vulgarity’ and ‘explicity’ of my social media (guys seriously, we live in the 21st century, y’all need to lighten up!) because if I make fun of my life and myself, it gives the bullies no power over me. I know my flaws and I know my limitations, no slutshamer can tell me something I do not know (except when men tell me “stop acting boujee, you are not Beyonce or Kim K – because, in my head, I am haha!). I also protect myself by not writing about who I am dating or why I do certain things or go to certain events or restaurants. Yes, sometimes when I post about going to a bar or a restaurant or going on a trip, it has been with guys I have dated, and sometimes it has been alone, and sometimes it has been with mum or my friends. I like to keep you guys guessing.

But I can tell you that I have been single for quite a while now. Not that I have to tell you guys anything, I do not owe it to you, but I am only saying it because I feel extremely at ease with my current situation. I like being alone, not having to think about anyone else, not having to be respectful or mindful of someone else’s feelings, only your own! I literally do whatever the hell I want, and it is absolutely wonderful. I do not think I have ever felt completely comfortable alone, I have always had that sort of longing for the love and deeper connection with one particular person – now I have realised that person is me.

London Weekend Guide

I am going to do this post in English as I believe there are quite a few of you who might find this guide useful, independent of where in the world you are from. As you might imagine, having lived in London for over 8 years, I get a lot of people asking me about tips of where to stay, what to do, where to eat, drink and party etc in London – not the touristy stuff. And I thought, why not make a mini-weekend guide to my London, hence, the places I love and adore in London and which I think makes it one of the best places in the world! So lets imagine, you have booked a trip to London. Your flight arrives rather late in the evening and you get into London central at around 11pm on a Friday night.


Friday evening

Where to stay?

 Sandersons Hotel


I would suggest you check into one of the cool hotels around Mayfair and Soho, preferably the Soho Hotel or The Sandersons. Sandersons is a personal favourite due to the cool interior as well as the stunning restaurant and bar.


Where to eat a late night snack?

Balans Soho


Once checked in you might be hungry from the traveling, but depending on the time, may be limited in your choices of where to eat. The great thing about London is that it never sleeps (New York, släng dig i väggen!) and so there are several restaurants that are open 24/7. I would suggest Balans Soho – a cute restaurant in the heart of Soho that offers a range of various dishes. The black bean tostada is amazing!



Where to eat breakfast?

Granger & Co.


After a night of sound sleep and with a busy day ahead, Granger & Co. will offer the perfect start to your day in the form of some lovely breakfast. Food is just as beautiful as the restaurant is, which is very family friendly.


Where to see art?

 Saatchi Gallery


What is a trip to London without getting cultured? After breakfast, a trip to one of London’s many art galleries is a must! My personal favourite is Saatchi, which is also completely free of charge! Located on King’s Road, it is in the heart of Chelsea, and near to the busy city centre.


Where to eat lunch?



After a few hours of art, the tummy needs refilling. The best lunch spot (yes I dare say!) is Scott’s. The restaurant known for its seafood is located in Mayfair and has everything needed for that perfect lunch – the interior, the light mains and of course, the vino and bubbly!


Where to go shopping?

King’s Road


After lunch one obviously need to do some shopping! I mean, what is a trip to London without having to buy extra luggage on the way home just to fit all the new clothes?! Contrary to popular belief, Oxford Street is a fucking (excuse my French) madhouse. I try to never go there myself because it is just not a nice experience. When I go shopping I want to take my time and be able to stroll around and even do some simple window shopping – that is just not possible on Oxford Street. If anything, you are better off staying on Regent Street, Bond Street, or for the ultimate cute Saturday shopping day, King’s Road does the trick!


Where to have that famous afternoon tea?




If you’re as ambitious as me, you can fit a lot into one Saturday! Afternoon Tea, a British tradition, is quite a touristy thing, but it is still just as lovely! If you prefer the more traditional take on the custom, Brown’s Hotel is the place for you. However, if you are slightly more liberal and like things which are new and modern, Sketch does the perfect afternoon tea. And I mean…how cute is their pink room?


Where to relax and regain energy?

Bulgari Spa


After you have stuffed your face for the third time today, you might just want to relax a little bit. The Bulgari Hotel has an amazing spa which allows for just that. While there are many spa’s in London, I think you will soon realise this is one of the better ones. Who doesn’t like a designer spa?!


Where to eat dinner?

La Bodega Negra


Rejuvenated, it’s time to go for dinner. Anyone who has known me for less than 5 min know that my absolute favourite dinner spot in London is a little gem in Soho, disguised as a sex shop, called La Bodega Negra. A sex shop is great in itself, but when you realise it is not a sex shop, but in fact a Mexican restaurant serving some of London’s best tostadas and margaritas, you are over the moon! Later in the evening it turns into a bit of a party place, with loud music and people dancing.


Where to go for drinks?

The Connaught 


While you would have probably had an amazing night at La Bodega Negra, we are trying to see as much of London as possible in a very short period of time. For drinks, we are therefore heading to The Connaught Hotel. It is a very luxurious experience, with amazing cocktails! However, it will cost you an arm and a leg, but if you’re fine with that then it is a must!


Where to go clubbing?



I hope you didn’t think the night was over yet? It’s a Saturday in London, the night doesn’t start until 12.30! And of course, we are going to my favourite club, Maddox! I always have a great night there – hence my constant return! If you are looking for a bit more of an experience, then The Box also does the trick – although not for the lighthearted!



Where to eat a recovery breakfast?



After last night’s madness, with alcohol flowing like never before, a healthier breakfast is on the menu to allow our bodies to recover. Farmacy in Notting Hill is a veggie and vegan place (I am a meat eater but I looooooved this spot) which does all things healthy. They even do healthy shots – no not with alcohol – which are designed to re-balance your body.


If you still want to see a touristy place?

Portobello Road

Richmond Park


While the aim of this post is to make you venture out from the normal touristy places, I understand that you might want to do some. Portobello Road in Notting Hill is a stunning spot which makes for a greak backdrop to pictures. For the person who loves the great outdoors and animals, Richmond Park provides both! A massive park with deer in it (no I am not biased just because I lived there, it is actually one of the most beautiful places in London).


Where to eat the perfect Sunday Roast?

Holborn Dining Room in The Rosewood


As a final thing before heading home, if you are in London on a Sunday you simply HAVE to try a Sunday Roast. The British are very proud of it, and while I did not see the appeal at first, I have come to love it like it was my own (tradition). The Holborn Dining Room in The Rosewood hotel does a lovely roast in a beautiful setting.



Förra veckan testade jag på Plateau för första gången! Nu när jag bor i East så finns det så många restauranger jag inte testat än, och Plateau i Canary Wharf var en av dessa. En supertrevlig fransk restaurang mitt i Canada Square men en härlig utsikt. Jag åt ostrån och hjortcarpaccio och Natasha åt en ärtrisotto, och så lite vin på det såklart. Maten var supergod, men servicen var den som verkligen stod ut. Perfekta tjejdejten!

// Last week I finally tried Plateau for the first time! Now that I am living in East there are so many restaurants which I haven't tried yet, and Plateau in Canary Wharf was one of these. A lovely French restaurant in the middle of Canada Square with a nice view. I ate oysters and venison carpaccio and Natasha had a pea risotto, and a bit of wine to go with that. The food was great, but it was the service that truly stood out. The perfect girly date! //

Elly Harper 100% Natural Tooth Whitening


Få 20% rabatt på Elly Harper tandblekning med koden voyz20 / Get 20% off on Elly Harper tooth whitening with the code voyz20

Äntligen ska jag få testa tandblekning! Fick hem ett superfint litet paket från Elly Harper, nämligen 100% naturlig tandblekning och en bambutandborste! Har ju länge velat testa att bleka mina tänder, men har inte riktigt vågat då det inte alltid är bra för tänderna. Men Elly Harper är en naturlig kol som kommer från kokosnötens skal och innehåller kalcium och kalium som både rengör men också stärker tänderna! Ska bli så kul att testa: man doppar borsten i kolpulvret och borstar tänderna med stängd mun varje kväll innan läggdags. Och självklart får mina läsare 20% rabatt på tandblekningen från Elly Harper, så skynda er och få ett lika fint leende som jag kommer att ha!

Obs: När ni fått hem er tandblekning, var försiktig när ni öppnar det så att kolpulvret inte färgar av sig på kläder/möbler. Knacka lätt på locket innan ni öppnar burken.

// I am finally going to try tooth whitening! I received a pretty little packet from Elly Harper, namely 100% natural tooth whitening and a bamboo toothbrush! I have for a long time wanted to whiten my teeth, but haven't really had the guts to as I have heard it is not always good for the teeth. But Elly Harper is made of natural activated charcoal from the skin of the coconut and contains calcium and potassium which both cleans and strengthens the teeth! It is going to be so much fun trying it out: you just dip the toothbrush in the powder and brush with closed mouth every night before bed. And my followers will of course receive 20% off the tooth whitening from Elly Harper, so hurry up and get the same beautiful smile I will have! 

Nb: When you receive the tooth whitening home, be careful when opening so that the charcoal doesn't stain any clothes/furniture. Give the jar a light knock before opening it. //


Tänkte dela med mig av lite beauty secrets! Som ni alla vet är jag weirdly obsessed med att ha ung hy och att se ung ut – utan att göra några kirurgiska ingrepp! Blev otroligt fascinerad av koreanska skönhetsprodukter när jag var där, så har fortsatt att köpa dessa även nu. Jag köper alla mina kollagen maskar på koreanska onlineshoppar. Mitt senaste inköp fick även se en pore mask och en eye mask. Supernöjd med alla! Dock lite besviken att dom hade sålt slut på Etude House collagen sheet mask som är min favorit, men får helt enkelt köpa den nästa gång!

Sedan läste jag även online om lite tips på vad man ska äta och dricka för att bibehålla sin unga hy. Grönt te stod högt upp på listan, så har även nu införskaffat det. Grönt te sitter lite sådär halvbra med mig, så det kommer inte naturligt. På morgonen vill jag ju ha kaffe!! Men försöker verkligen bryta några mönster i min vardag som jag vet är ohälsosamma och som får mig att åldras snabbare – försöker att inte gå ut lika mycket (dvs inte dricka lika mycket) och försöker även att inte äta lika mycket kött, äter faktiskt knappt något kött längre – blir mycket linser och bönor dock!

Utöver detta så fick jag en påse med kollagenpulver när jag var på ett event för inte så längesedan. Vet inte hur bra det funkar, men när jag kommer ihåg så kör jag i en skopa sånt i mitt te eller i ett glas vatten. Smakar skit, men om det är bra för huden så why not!

// I thought I would share some beauty secrets with you all! As you know I am we idly obsessed with having young skin and looking young - without doing any cosmetic surgeries of any kind! I became incredibly fascinated with korean beauty when I went there, and since I have kept buying korean beauty products. I buy all my collagen masks online on korean beauty shops. My last buy included a pore mask and an due mask. Happy with all of them! However, I was a bit disappointed that my usual Etude House collagen sheet mask was sold out, but I will just have to buy it next time!

I ready online about tips how to maintain my young skin. Green tea was very high on the list, so I have also started drinking this. I am not the biggest fan of green tea, so drinking it does not come naturally to me. In the morning I want coffee!!! But I am trying to break several unhealthy habits that I have which affect my youth negatively - I am trying to not go out as much (hence I am drinking less) and I am also trying to not eat as much meat, I actually do not eat much meat at all anymore - only a lot of lentils and beans!

On top of this, I received a bag own collagen powder when I was at an event not too long ago. I do not know how well it works, but when I remember, I put a scoop of it in my tea or in a glass of water. Tastes like shit, but if it is good for the skin then why not! //

Afternoon Tea @ Fortnum & Mason

I söndags var jag på Afternoon Tea på Fortnum & Mason. Afternoon Tea är nog det mest brittiska man kan göra, men har som sagt var varit lite av en turist i min egen stad på den senaste tiden så why not! Tycker deras Afternoon Tea var trevlig, lite för ”turistig” dock kanske – men blir ju lätt så när man går till ställen som är kända för sitt Afternoon Tea. Men tyckte porslinet var fint iallafall!

// Last Sunday I went for Afternoon Tea at Fortnum & Mason. Afternoon Tea is probably the most British thing ever, but I have as I mentioned before been a bit of a tourist in my own town lately so why not! I thought their Afternoon Tea was nice, but perhaps a little too "touristy" - but that is sort of what you have to except when you go to places that are famous for their Afternoon Tea. But the porcelain was pretty! //

Columbia Road Flower Market

I söndags var jag på Columbia Road Flower Market. Känner mig nästan som en turist på nytt i London nu när jag flyttat till East, för det är som en helt annan värld än sydvästra London. Gjorde en liten snabb google sökning på saker att göra i East, och då kom Columbia Road upp som ett tips. Varje söndag är det blommarknad där mellan 8 och 15, så bestämde mig för att gå upp tidigt och dra dit i söndags eftersom det ligger en 20 min bussresa från mitt hus. Typiskt nog så började det regna precis när jag kom dit, men det gjorde inget. Blommorna var lika fina ändå! Kommer att rekommendera denna marknad till alla som kommer till London framöver, verkligen en upplevelse!

// Last Sunday I went to Columbia Road Flower Market. I almost feel like a tourist again in London now that I have moved to East because it is like a whole new world than in SW London. I did a quick google search for things to do in East, and Columbia Road came up as a suggestion. Every Sunday the road turns into a flower market between 8am and 3pm, so I decided to go there on Sunday as it is only a 20 minute bus ride from mine. Unfortunately it started raining as soon as I got there, but that did not matter. The flowers were just as beautiful still! I am going to recommend this market to everyone who comes to London in the future, it really is an experience! //

New morning routine

Sen jag flyttade in i mitt nya rum så har jag vaknat naturligt varje morgon eftersom jag inte fixat gardiner än. Så har vaknat vid 6 varje morgon och gått upp och druckit kaffe och kollat serier tills det är dags att börja göra sig iordning till jobbet. Trodde aldrig jag skulle kalla mig själv en morgon person, och jag tror inte jag är riktigt där än, men det har inte varit helt fel att vakna tidigt faktiskt!

// Since I moved into my new room I have woken up naturally each morning as I have not yet sorted my blinds. So I have woken up at 6 every morning and drank coffee and watched series until its been time to get ready and go to work. I never thought I would call myself a morning person, and I don't think I am quite there yet, but it has actually not been too bad waking up early! //